Revealed below: How you as a senior golfer can add incredible distance and accuracy!

Attention Golfers:

Amazing Discovery By 65-Year-Old American Basketball Coach Adds
40 Yards
To Your Drives, Eliminates
Hooks & Slices...And Can Slice Up To
12 Strokes From Your Game
Almost Overnight

Now you can learn to use your natural ability to "load" every drive with 89% more explosive power almost immediately, getting distance you could only dream of before... while nailing shot after shot exactly where you want it, as accurate as clockwork... and, if you're like most golfers, knocking a pile of strokes off your next round! Impossible? Not if we are to believe what lifelong professionals and hot new amateurs worldwide are saying...

Dear Friend,

If you've ever wanted to drive a golf ball with the explosive velocity of a howitzer cannon (adding half the length of a football field to your tee shots alone)... while hitting all your fairways and greens with masterful precision... then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here's why:

My name is Al Collins, and until very recently I was your everyday "hacker".

I had a hate/love relationship with golf - some days I'd be driving like a pro, maybe even flirting occasionally with par... while already the next afternoon my game would absolutely go to hell.

I swear I've stood at the edge of the lake, holding my bag overhead, one emotional hair-trigger away from tossing the whole mess and never stepping up to another ball for the rest of my life.

Doesn't it drive you nuts?

I had no consistency to my game whatsoever, even after 12 years of playing regularly. No way to tell what each round would bring. And it wasn't for lack of trying, either - I'd easily dropped several thousand pounds having "pro's" tell me what a horrible hook I had, and if I only would start twisting my body like thiiiiiis on the upswing...

Yeah, right.

Fortunately, I'm The Kind Of Guy
Who Will Bitch To Anyone Who'll Listen!

That's how I ran into Doug Erwing, a 65-year-old college basketball coach from the US. And my life would never be the same again.

I met him for the first time in a Stableford tournament in Orlando, Florida about two years back. After having complained and complained to this man (I had my typical "off day"), he showed me a secret that he had just started developing. Something he told me, would revolutionize the game.

I was skeptical at first, especially since I had tried pretty much every tool and trick there was and since long had defined myself as a "lifelong irreparable loser". Well, out of courtesy I tried it out anyway and...after I had done so...

  • I had (unbelievably) filled my swing with so much new power that I was consistently muscling drives 50 yards farther than I ever had before! (And you should have seen the look on my buddies faces when I started using an 8-iron from 180 yards out, nailing shots they missed with their 5-iron!)
  • I saw a 110% improvement in my fairway and green-hits in regulation! (Where as before I would have a "successful" shot 4 out of 10 times, I was now hitting 8 or 9 successful shots out of 10! That's unbelievable accuracy even some pro's can't claim!)
  • Plus - incredibly...

My Handicap Plummeted From 16 To Just 7
In Less Than Four Months!

And it just gets better and better! My "fade" disappeared completely...and I became absolutely fearless on the links, going after every shot almost as if I had been given magical powers.

But it's not magic at all!

You see, what I learned from Doug had almost nothing to do with me... but everything to do with a special iron he had me use.

We call it "Heavy Club", and Doug got the idea from his basketball career, where he said professional players like Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan practiced with weighted basketballs to increase strength and muscle memory. When they later switched over to regular basketballs...they'd automatically throw them farther and with better precision.

Doug took this concept, developed it further and adapted it to golf. And not only did it work...

It proved to work even better for golfers than for basketball players!

Doug, together with myself, has now developed a completely new kind of iron that is so easy to use, is so ingeniously crafted and gives such fast results that we are counting on that every serious golfer worldwide are going to have one in their bags within just a year or two.

The Amazingly Simple Solution
That Solves Pretty Much All Your Problems
From Fairway And Tee, Almost Immediately

And here's the thing:

When you look at the club you will see that, except from the slightly thicker looks pretty much like your regular 7-iron.

You see, the difference is not on the outside, it's on the inside!

Heavy Club is packed with strategically placed weights in its shaft and head, making it heavier than your regular 7-iron by almost a kilo.

This strains the muscles you use in your swing and thus forces your body to swing with much better flexibility, stability and power than you have ever done before...


So how does it work? Simple:

Just go up to the driving range and hit a bucket (or a half) of range balls. When you then switch over to your regular clubs, your body will have adapted itself naturally to a more powerful, secure and precise swing. With zero added effort, thinking or tinkering on your part.

When you later tee off, you will hit your drives 20, 30 or 40 yards farther than you ever have before. Your iron shots will go straight as clockwork. And while you will be playing your best round of golf you ever have, your buddies will be wondering: "How in the HECK did he become so good?"

It's that easy.

"This Is The Simplest, Easiest And Fastest Way
Ever Invented To Start Hitting Monster Tee Shots
With Pinpoint Accuracy"

And to get the long-lasting and extreme results (40-50 yards increase or more), just use it a little bit every day (five to ten minutes is enough), for two weeks. Your muscle memory will then have undergone a change that will last for months, perhaps even years. An increase of 25-35km/h to your swing speed is typical (giving you at least 40 straight yards to your tee shots, but probably 50.) - see graph here.


the heavy club

Weights are strategically placed in the shaft and head to give you resistance when swinging and
in that way, you will increase swing speed, power and stability when going back to your regular irons,
with no extra effort on your part.

What Does This Mean?

Simply using Heavy Club for just five minutes, you will:
  • Hit It Farther - Right away you will add distance to all of your shots. Expect 20 yards already on your next round of golf. Use it for two weeks and you will double that added distance (30-50 yards to your drives, 15-30 to your irons).
  • Hit More Fairways - you will be on the fairway about 50-100% more often than you are today (Even better if you are a beginner. Then expect as much as a threefold increase or more!). That means, if you are hitting five fairways out of 18 today, expect to hit anything from ten to 18 from now on.
  • Eliminate Hooks And Slices - Heavy Club fixes every little detail in your swing and helps you to drastically lower or even completely wipe away your hooks and slices. Simply speaking, you will hit it much straighter from now on.
  • Have More Fun On The Course - Everything about the game becomes so much more fun when you're actually playing good. Drastically reduce the amount of time looking for balls in the rough, in bunkers or behind Trees. Let your buddies be out there looking for their balls, while you will comfortably hang around on the fairway, waiting for your turn.
  • Reach Green With 2 Shots On Most Par 5's - With an average increase of 40 yards on the driver and 20 on the irons, you will save a total of 60 yards per hole. Reaching green in 2 shots on most par 5's shouldn't be a problem anymore...and your chances of making an eagle, birdie or par increases significantly.
  • Lower Your Scores By 7-12 Strokes - You can count on slicing 7-12 strokes off your regular scores after using Heavy Club for two or more weeks. Use it just once (for 5-10 minutes) and immediately knock 3-5 strokes off your game!
  • Lower Your Handicap - Since you will now be hitting it farther and straighter, you will ultimately lower your handicap as well. If you are a low handicapper (0-9 hcp), expect to lower your handicap by 2-4 points. If you are a regular golfer with anything between ten and twenty in handicap, expect to lower it by 5-10 points. If you have over twenty in handicap, you could easily shave off as much as 15 points in almost no time at all!
  • Raise Your Motivation - Raise your motivation to improve other aspects of your game. When you see the good results from tee and fairway, you will have it easier, mentally, to go out and improve your putting or chipping as well.
  • Get A New Nickname - We've had people getting nicknames such as "the human launchpad" and "Safety Himself from the Tee Box" after trying Heavy Club. Your new improved drives will have your buddies jaws drop in amazement. What nickname will they give you?

More Specifically, What Does It Actually Do?

  • Strengthens - Heavy Club strengthens all the muscles you use while swinging. Hips, stomach, back, chest, shoulders, arms, neck and even legs. It does this automatically without you having to put any effort into it.
  • Develops A Complete Shoulder Turn - And not just develops one, but maintains it. A complete shoulder turn is critical since it allows your downswing to hold a correct sequence.
  • Lengthens Your Swing - You will stretch out all your muscles and in that way get a longer swing, which ultimately will give more power to your shots.
  • Creates Better Flexibility - You will be much more flexible in all of your muscles. And since you will be so smooth in your movements, getting the perfect swing will now be a simple and natural process.
  • Creates Better Stability - Since you get better stability in your swing you will also get more consistency to your shots. Now you won't have to worry about hooking your drive out of bounds. You will now be able to trust that wherever you want the ball to go, it will go.
  • Maximizes Club Head Speed - Practicing with Heavy Club helps to maximize club head speed on impact. You won't have to try to hit it farther, it will happen all by itself...even when you hit it calmly!
  • Sets Tempo Automatically - You will feel how light and easy your regular irons will feel after swinging with Heavy Club for 5-10 minutes. The tempo and timing in your swing will automatically correct itself, helping you hit it both farther and straighter.
  • Fixes Your Grip - We are using a special-made grip to fix every little detail in how you're holding the club. A correct grip is extremely important since it helps you hit the ball with more velocity.

It Took Us 7 Months Of Research...

... and £28,233 to finish the development of Heavy Club which is so unique that we've filed a patent for its structure.

Even though the product is relatively new on the market we have already managed to sell over 7000 of these bad boys since April last year in the UK and Europe. Here's what some of those customers are saying:

Harry Dalton














Are these golfers any different from you?

No, they aren't. They represent professionals, amateurs, beginners and lifelong golf enthusiasts with the same skill sets and passion that you bring to this game.

Most of them had before using Heavy Club, never shot a round under 90. Many of them were even consistently above 100 shots.

And here's the fun part:

Even though every single one of them now hit it as far and accurate as the pro's with their drivers and irons...they still can't putt, chip or hit a bunker shot to save their own lives.

Listen, I'm not saying that what me and Doug have done here will revolutionize golf. I still haven't found a way to improve your short game or mental game.

All I have done is created a tool that will give you a dramatic increase in distance with both irons and woods as well as cut a substantial amount of strokes from your average score.

Sounds exciting? Just wait until you start launching drives flying like missiles through the sky, fifty yards farther than you have ever done before.

That's how you earn your respect on the course, from Tee.

Just think about it...the next time you will be playing golf, you will be launching some crazy long drives and play the best game of your life. Everyone you know will jealously wonder what your secret is. Then it's up to you whether you want to tell them or not.

Perfect For Seniors

Are you over 55 years old?

When one gets older and stiffer it can be tough to get a smooth swing motion and therefore, it gets harder to hit the ball correctly.

Heavy Club will make you feel ten or twenty years younger in your body.

Since it so completely stretches your muscles and joints, your swing will fly through smoothly as Egyptian silk.

You can also throw away your gym memberships and private lessons. Swinging with Heavy Club for just ten minutes give you, even though you won't even be close to breaking a sweat, from the golf's perspective a better workout than if you would spend an hour at the gym.

And, it sure beats lessons from your local "pro". Even twenty, forty or sixty of them at £50 a pop (a total value of £1000-3000, at minimum).

So, When It Comes Down To It...
How Much Does It Cost?

How much would you think it'd be worth to start hitting it 30-50 yards farther, straighter as well as lowering your scores by six, eight or even twelve shots per round?




I've got some great news for you (if you act fast)...

Even though you will save thousands of pounds on gym memberships, private lessons from pro's, other training aids and YEARS of pain, defeat and frustration, your investment, FOR NOW*, is just £67...

*We use the very best of materials and the high manufacturing costs forces us to raise the price by our next delivery (which will be in 5-6 months from now). As I am writing this we have a few dozen left. THESE GO QUICKLY.

For Less Than Two Green Fees
You Are Finished With Bad Golf

For just £ will be hitting drives 50 yards farther, have your iron shots constantly on the fairway, hit almost every green in regulation and lower your scores by seven to twelve strokes.

That's even less than what you'd pay for one green fee at any of the better courses in the UK...(in exchange for a lifetime of longer, straighter drives).

But not only that, the really good news is that Heavy Club comes with a guarantee unlike nothing you have ever seen before. A guarantee so outrageous, that my wife asked me whether I was actually sane. This is how it works:

guarantee blue

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

This is a 100% iron-clad money back guarantee.
If you are not happy with your Heavy Club, for any reason whatsoever, send it back to us within 6 months from the time of purchase and receive a full refund.

Even Though You Have Gotten The Club And
Started Using It - You Still Have 6 Full Months
To Decide Whether You Want To
Pay For It Or Not

This means that you can test it out, show it to your friends and actually use it during the whole spring and summer without any risk whatsoever.

If you in the unlikely event decide that Heavy Club isn't for you, for any reason whatsoever...simply send it back to us (in any condition) and you will receive a prompt refund of every penny that you paid.

I know there will be a few people who will try to take advantage of my ”generosity” here, but I know something that they don’t…

After seeing the results Heavy Club gives you, most people would rather part with an arm or a leg, than this club. And therefore, I can very confidently make this guarantee.

There are geezers (and gals) in this country that hit 250-300 yard drives like clockwork. It does not matter if they are 45 in tip-top shape or 75 years old with arthritis. They are feared and envied by golfers everywhere.

I want YOU to be one of those people.

Just imagine how you will never again have to suffer from those mood and score-murdering short, sliced or hooked shots. While your buddies will constantly be in the rough or woods frustratingly looking for their balls, you'll be safe and secure on the fairway, far far ahead of them, just waiting for them to catch up.

If you think about it, just the amount of golf balls you will save from getting lost will be worth the price alone!

Do like over seven thousand golfers (and growing daily) all over the UK and try this out. The game will become so much more fun that from now on, you will not just want to "play golf". You will want to run up to the course. While there, you will walk up to the first Tee, put up a ball, make a practice swing...and then launch a drive so powerful that it will just seem to float in the sky forever. On and on it will go, and eventually drop far ahead on the fairway that the people witnessing it will all wonder:

"How in the HECK did he just do that!?"

It’s easy to order. Simply click on the red ”Order Now”-button below and you will be sent to a secure order form (pick either credit card payment or, if you rather, invoicing with Klarna. If you pick invoicing we will send you the club before you pay for it).

As soon as your order goes through, we will pack and ship your Heavy Club to you, and you will have it in just one or two business days.

And like I said, you get a full six months to try it out…if you don’t like it, for any reason whatsoever, return it in any condition for a full refund.

Is it even possible to make this any simpler or more risk free for you?


Order Here




bengt sig
Bengt Oredsson

P.S. If you order by I will also send you a recorded 40 minute lesson with a notorious American PGA Pro (who privately charges €200 per hour), completely free of charge. This one can easily help you rid an additional 5-6 shots.

It will tell you about how to best use your newly added distance, and many of the tactical bits behind lower scores. This is information that guaranteed nobody at your club has any idea about whatsoever (not even your pro). And as a token of appreciation for you taking action today, this is yours to keep whether you choose to keep Heavy Club in the end or not. But, then you must order by the date above. No exceptions.

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